Marrying Email Contacts and Marketing Content

By Freelance Writer, Rhonda Campbell


Don’t be shocked. As an experienced freelance writer knows, email contacts are one of the lifelines of your business. Email marketing produces results. Check this out.

Campaign Monitor shares that, email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent.” The key is to send email contacts marketing content that is rich with original pictures and stat-rich infographics. Marketing content crafted by a skilled freelance writer that generates traffic from email contacts is also embedded with links to new, in-depth industry related reports, op-eds and feature interviews.

What to Share with Email Contacts

Schedule event pictures, videos, surveys and articles that you send to email contacts on a quarterly basis, at a minimum. If you’ve ever created an editorial calendar for a website, magazine or newspaper, you’re familiar with content scheduling.

An example of marketing content scheduling created by a freelance writer follows:

  • Company: ABC Grocer
  • Industry/Specialty: Food Industry
  • Content Volume: Send 4 daily Tweets, 6 Pinterest images, 1 Facebook post, 4 Google Plus posts and 5 blog posts; 8 new YouTube and Vimeo videos and 12 emails
  • January/Week 1: Theme: “Newness” – Highlight new products and product benefits. Also, highlight new grocery home delivery service that ABC Grocer is launching March 1, 2017 (Tie in to the new year and global momentum for making a “new start”)
  • Keywords: Tie into each piece of content marketing (Some Keyword Search Tools are:, Google Adwords, and Wordtracker. WordPress also has free keyword apps that you can download into your WordPress site.)
  • Images/Pictures: New Year community event photos; new product images; new Atlanta, Georgia 111 Main Street store floor layout; new ABC Grocer slogan sign; social media landing pages
  • Videos: CEO 4th quarter results remarks; live steaming of New Year community event; message from store manager at new Atlanta, Georgia grocery store; three video recipes from ABC Grocer team members; two videos that highlight foods at ABC Grocer that help to lower blood pressure
  • Emails: Four weekly two-page newsletters; four direct emails with click-out coupons and discounts and four email contacts spotlighting one ABC Grocer team member and three ABC Grocer customers

Take the Lid Off Your Online Content Marketing

Give email contacts more opportunities to gain more from your business. Look at social media as a single outbound marketing strategy, not your only marketing strategy.

A freelance writer could help you reach thousands of prospects in less than four days using Facebook or Twitter ads. But, it’s going to cost. To get accurate stats on your social media ad results, you may have to run third party metrics, especially considering the fact that Facebook reported miscalculated metrics.

Post your social media icons at the bottom of your emails. Make it easy for email contacts to find you on social media. Send email contacts newsletters, original pictures, videos, reports and surveys on the same day each week. Also, send email contacts value-rich information at the same time.

Measure the results of content marketing. Consider hiring a freelance writer to send one newsletter on a different day and time to determine which days and times gain the best results. Be open to change. If you see that email contacts are not responding to content marketing, change how you present or frame the content. For example, you could shorten editorials or move coupons from the bottom of direct emails to the right side of email pages.

Save time by automating marketing content that you send to email contacts. Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are just two email automation tools. Price email automation tools before you choose which tool you’re going to use.

Need marketing content, press releases, SEO articles, blog posts, social media content, FAQs, corporate newsletters or website content or video descriptions to help grow your business? Contact freelance writer Rhonda Campbell. Freelance writer, Rhonda Campbell offers years of experience, smart rates and consultancy skills that you’ll appreciate.

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Marrying Email Contacts and Marketing Content

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