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Why It May Be Time to Ask for Marketing Help

By Freelance Writer, Rhonda Campbell

Niche blog posts, SEO marketing, website landing pages, digital newsletters and taglines are a few “to dos” that help to structure an effective online marketing campaign. To get lasting consumer engagement and sales results, your marketing campaign may also rely on video marketing, postcards, images, infographics, posters and feature articles.

You may have reached your solo limit

All of these marketing actions require content. It can take 30 to 45 minutes to write a single blog posts. Add in the time that it takes to design a landing page, brochure, postcard or website and more than one hour could pass before an upgrade to a section of your business website is finalized.

Keywords have to be researched, taglines need testing and meta tags have to be added to images and videos. You also need to decide which social media sites align with your company, how often you should post new data to these social media sites and on what days and at what time of day you should publish the posts. Hubspot offers tips on social media marketing posts.

Developing marketing content is a full-time job. Developing marketing content requires you to have enough vision, independence and determination to succeed to turn the reigns over to an experienced writer. Check out these signs that the universe might be telling you that it’s time to ask for marketing help.

Signs that it’s time to get marketing help

  • You’ve started to spend more time writing blog posts, SEO articles and social media posts.
  • Shipments on new customer orders are going out later. Content marketing is taking up three to four hours of your time every day, making it hard for you to get to the post office.
  • Thoughts about your business are turning to content marketing more frequently, particularly the new videos, images and written content that you need to develop and publish to keep your business in front of existing and potential customers.
  • Two months have passed since you updated written content at your website.
  • Keywords and phrases on your website and landing pages are outdated.
  • Your business’ search engine rankings have dropped significantly.
  • Posts at your social media accounts are so old that would be customers quickly click away from your social media pages, believing that you’re business is defunct.
  • Strategies that you’re using to market your business no longer work despite how often you use them.

It takes vision, a clear purpose, courage, tenacity, confidence and perseverance to succeed as an entrepreneur. These same virtues could tempt you to do everything yourself, even after it’s become painfully clear that you no longer can handle all of your business deliverables from nuts to bolts all by yourself. Don’t let that happen. Don’t try to do everything yourself and plug up lots of potential sales.

The Internet isn’t going away. Opportunities to grow online revenues are expanding, as was made clear during the 2016 Cyber Monday shopping season. Consider hiring an experienced writer to not only get marketing help but to keep your business viable in the fast paced virtual world.